Saturday, August 16, 2008

Number 2?

We are getting a bid for the repair to our ceiling today. You know the one that had the leg sticking out of it last week. That was number one house fix.

Last night as Phil was returning home, he pushed our trusty garage door opener and the door would only open 1/4 of the way up. He tried several times and nothing above that height. It is a little hard to get through that space, so he goes around to the front door, where I meet him saying "I think the garage door is broken." I need to remember to be quiet in those obvious times of husband frustration. He seemed to already know that the garage door was broken, so I quietly stepped out of the storm that surrounded him and kept my mouth from stating anymore obvious facts.

We were supposed to be on our way to a rehearsal dinner. Phil had just finished the rehearsal and had come by to pick me up. We had to call and cancel because we had to get this fixed. My car is being held hostage in the garage and Phil is leaving for Alaska Sunday.

Phil looks at the garage door and the spring has broken. This is the garage door opener and spring replacement that we put in two years ago. Hmmm...things sure don't last like they used to.

So another $225 to the garage door people this morning who came on a Saturday and replaced the spring on our door.

I figure this is number 2. You know when things begin to break around the house, they always come in threes. So, the air conditioner is 1, the garage door is number 2, ...I am waiting to see what number 3 is. Do you think that maybe the leg through the ceiling would count for number 2? That sure would be nice. I am really glad I have a job or I would have had to sell my wedding ring or something to pay for all this.

I'll let you know when and if number 3 lands.


Brandi said...

oh definately the leg counts as #2!

I hope your car appreciates its freedom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Bless your hearts! I think the leg could & should count as #
2! Donna, hang in there girlfriend!
I hope Phil has a safe trip to Alaska. Now I know why Phil is not
speaking Sunday. I hope I'll get
to see and visit with you Sunday.
After Sunday, I'm not sure when we'll see each other, with 2 services starting next Sunday. I
don't really understand the change in the 2 services, but maybe I will
understood soon. We'll be going to
8:15, cause my folks like to go to
assembly early. Love you, Donna.
Have a happy weekend! Donna Altman

Sarah said...

Um, you seem to be having a 'major appliance theme', so I'll go with 'major appliance involving water and minor house flooding' for $1000, Pat.

Not that I would wish it on anyone...!

Susan said...

It does seem like things happen in 3's. Watch out!