Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad Karma

Last week we noticed that the air conditioner on the other side of the house didn't seem to be cooling well. We asked our friends who they used for these problems, since we are still fairly new to the area. They gave us a name and we called them the next day. They came right out which was nice, however, the guy they sent didn't seem to "with it" if you know what I mean. He checked both of our units and said that we were low on freon on the one that wasn't cooling, but the other unit was fine. He said he would put some freon in and it should cool just great--as long as there was not a leak. This is an important part to the story. So he filled up whatever you put freon in and lo and behold, he found a leak. But all we need, mind you, is a little part that will be easy to get and he should be back the next day to fix it.

So $300. later Phil and I are in bed on our side of the house and notice that the air conditioner is not cooling. Yes, you have that right. Not the one that the man had worked on, but the one that was working perfectly fine the day before until the air conditioning guy checked on it. So, we get up the next morning after a very sweaty night and call. The same guy comes out and lo and behold, something that he didn't notice the day before has miraculously burned out after he had checked on it yesterday. So, we need just one more little part and it will be all better. So, $87 later the air conditioner on our side of the house if fixed.

While he is fixing this air conditioner, his company calls and said they can not get the part for the first air conditioner because they only sell it if you buy the whole unit (motor-compressor--one of those things that cost lots of money) So we have the choice of spending $1000. more to fix the first air conditioner or we might want to buy a new one that has a 10 year warranty because this one is 12 years old. So, Phil and I debate. Do we want to throw another $1000 at an air conditioner that might break down again. No. So we decide to get a new one--$4500. Yep! you read that right. You would think we would be smart by now. So Phil went in to sign the papers and we were promised that Monday morning they would be there at 6:15 to begin.

Monday morning we are all up-some grumpier than others---all grumpy actually. We waited until 7:00 and they still have not come. So we call. Guess what! They didn't know they were supposed to come Monday even though we had called, gone in and signed papers and set the time. We were getting a little upset by this time. I kinda hung up on the guy--my excuse was it was really early and evidently I woke the guy up even though we were up and waiting on him to come and fix our problem. I was beginning to feel we were being taken advantage of. I don't know if Jesus would have hung up on the guy or not, but I was really nice to them the next day until they fell through our living room ceiling.

Yes, you have that right ladies and gentlemen. We now have a broken air conditioner, which may or may not get fixed. They are still working on it and have been since 6:45. We also have a beautiful hole in our living room ceiling. Luckily the man was not hurt. He is fine. I made sure he was fine, but Donna is not in a happy mood. We found out what happened when Megan walked out of her room and said, "Uh Dad you might want to come in here. There is a man's leg coming out of our ceiling." It is an attractive element in the room, but it is not really the theme I had in mind in redecorating

So we have called someone to come repair our ceiling which will entail taking off all the texture, retexturing and repainting the entire ceiling. He can come maybe in two weeks. I am having company this weekend and won't it be lovely to show them the new hole in our ceiling.

Yes, I am very happy. We now have spent $5000 and nothing is fixed.

I was telling a friend about this and she said, "I think you all have bad karma." I am not sure what "bad karma" is, but I would like to be rid of it if you please.

Going to take a valium now and take a nap. Phil is already resting with a headache. It has been a day!


Sarah said...

I think a leg sticking out of a future PT's ceiling is just perfect. I'm sorry, but it helps to hear that I'm not the only one having such a day. My day isn't QUITE as expensive...

Brandi said...

As Mattie May would say, tell Phil we are sorry he has a "headcake."

Our a/c at work went out, and I am really sorry you are having to deal with that at home. Why do these things never happen in the early spring when it is only 85 and not 105?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. The story read like a nightmare. Bless your hearts. Megan has a picture of the ceiling on her blog. My, oh my! Thankful
the guy whose leg came through your ceciling is fine. So sorry
this happened, but I am praying for you, Phil, and Megan. I really hope you and feel better soon. I love you both very much.
Blessing's, Prayers, & Hugs, Donnna A.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have had homeowner fun, but I definitely needed the laugh tonight and can truly picture the leg!