Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To the Work, To the Work

I am sure the title says it all, but I am now officially hired at Clyde ISD. Wow, it took me two tries to spell Clyde--even spelling the word has me frazzled! I signed my contract yesterday and I will start back in August. I have been off for three years now. Three years of blissfully sleeping in, doing grocery shopping at prime times, leisurely having coffee with my BF's (best friends) and staying up late to watch Leno. No more. Back to rising at 6:00, throwing on something that is hopefully ironed or at least not wadded up in the bottom of the closet, rushing back home to grocery shop or do a load of laundry and then falling into bed by 9:00.

On the bright side of things, the people that I met at a recent workday were so nice and friendly and laid back. One of my best friends is the principal and I will be teaching reading (which I love). I also will be adding to my retirement--which now that I am 52 seems like a good thing to do. I don't want to be eating cat food or working as a greeter at Walmart when I am 80.

So, part of me is excited to go back and part of me is sad. I guess that is somewhat normal. I'll let you know how things are going in late August when I am driving home from school sticking to the seat of my car from the heat after a parent yelled at me and I made two children cry.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hubby does good!

I just have to brag that my husband got me the most beautiful ring for my birthday/anniversary present this year. It has emeralds and diamonds set in a white gold band with gold accents. I just love it! I am so blessed--and yes, I will wave it in your face the next time I see you--so be prepared.
We have been married 30 years as of June 11th. The time sure has flown. I remember when he had John Denver hair down to his collar and my hair was long and brown. We both were skinnier in those days. I think we both weighed 135. I won't tell you what we weigh now because that would just be too, too sad. (how did I get on a weight subject anyway?)
We are going on a cruise to celebrate in October. We are going up the Eastern seaboard and hope to see lots of beautiful trees and scenery. It has been a great 30 years. I am praying for 30 more! (especially if he keeps getting me rings!)

Lost Marathon

Let me just start by saying that my family loves the show "Lost." We are late bloomers. We didn't start watching until this season. My mother in law loved the show the first season so my daughter got her the complete First Season when it came out. After watching most of the shows this season (we miss some because church goes tooooo long sometimes on Wednesday nights for us to get home and see the whole thing) (I know, I know, where are my priorities!) Anyway, we borrowed the First season and have been watching it in marathon style for the last week or so. We are down to one DVD in season one and we are watching it tonight while eating our steak etc. (If you remember from earlier posts we usually eat steak while watching starving survivors on "Survivor."--that show has now been replaced in our hearts by "Lost." I have purchased Season 2 because we just can't wait to see all that happens! It is kind of hard since we are watching it so out of order--like I know Charlie is going to die, and what happened to the narcisstic blond who likes Sayhid. I figure she gets killed off along with her brother. What is the monster thing? What do those numbers mean that Hurley used to win the lottery. I have so many questions! Don't tell me if you read this. I want to find out as we happily watch Season 2 next week. It takes so little to make me happy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

University Kids

Phil and I hosted a University devotional Sunday night in our home. I fretted over what to serve and finally decided on Taco Stack because they could put it together with whatever they wanted. Megan, my daughter, made the brownies because she makes the best brownies ever eaten.

Anyway, as I was sitting there singing with these "kids", I was transported back to my University days. Going to ACU was huge for me. My family drove across town to go to a "big church"--I think we averaged about 200 which was big for Dayton, Ohio. When I came to ACU I was overwhelmed by the singing and the committment of the students there. I remember attending a church in Abilene of over 1000 people and thinking that heaven must be like this. Lynn Anderson would preach and his talks always included his struggles and how he was not perfect. This was a comfort to me and helped me know that I wasn't the only one struggling if he, the preacher, struggled too. It was the first time I was ever taught about grace. I had never heard of grace. I had only heard of hell, and rules, and sin. I always felt it was impossible to be a "good Christian" because I could never keep up with all the rules. I actually remember thinking that I wish I hadn't known about Jesus because it was just too hard and I was never going to make it. So I lived my life in fear of death and the Lord coming back because I felt I was going to hell.

At ACU, for the first time I was taught about God's grace. I was taught that no one is perfect by themselves, only through Jesus are we made perfect. That perfection in Jesus is possible! I began to realize that God forgives and also forgets. I began to realize the enormity of God's gift to me. I still stand in wonder and awe that my God who created the universe would not only be mindful of me, but that he loves me and forgives me and sees me perfect. I am thankful for the grace filled people and churches that have guided my path and also for a husband who has taught me about this great gift we have received. So now I can rejoice! I have been made perfect through Jesus. Praise His glorious name!

"For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgreesions from us" Psalm 103:11-12