Monday, April 30, 2007


We had an incredible day yesterday at church. Our congregation has a WATS day once a year. WATS stands for We Are The Sermon. 1000 people who love Jesus went out into the neighborhoods and helped paint houses, mow yards, haul trash, build wheelchair ramps--anything that needed to be done for people who needed help in our town. We start in the morning with a shorter worship service all wearing our workclothes (which is so fun) and then we go out into the town in groups to work. After the work is done, we come back for a worship celebration time. It was a wonderful day! One of the men in our group of workers was kidding around and said "I think it is just easier sitting on the pew listening to the sermon." Yes, it's true it is easier, but we were so blessed to help these people who needed to know that someone loved them and cared enough to help. Jesus calls us not to a life of ease, but to one of service. I hope we grow WATS day so that all the people in our town who need help are taken care of with the love of Jesus.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My husband

I have been married for almost 30 years. It is hard for me to believe that so much time has passed since I said "I do" to the most incredible man on earth. My husband has been a minister for all those years. When I was unsure about being a "preacher's wife", he encouraged me and told me to be myself. There were no expectations on his part for a perfect minister's wife (thank goodness!) He has been with me during illness, our children's births, birthdays, vacations, and everyday life. He has been my rock and sustainer all these years. The one I could count on for everything. He works hard and is passionate about loving people and introducing them to our Lord. Even in the midst of a church service, when he reaches and takes my hand, I still get those overwhelming feelings of love and safety with him. He knows everything about me and still loves me. How can that be? I am so thankful to have him in my life and I pray everyday for our daughter to find a man just like him. One who is strong, but has emotions; a man who will lead, but still listens; a man who is gentle; a man who feels passion for his Lord and shares it; a man she can respect and admire. My husband is all these things and more--he is really cute too! After 30 years I would marry him all over again. Thank you Phil for being my love all these years!

Old Friends New Friends

I have really been blessed in my life to have some great friends. You know friends come in many different varieties. These are some of the types of friends I have. Tammy, (she is mentioned in another blog entry) is very organized, her house is always immaculate, yet she has been known to stay in her P.J.'s all day--gotta love that! Martha is very creative, awesome with children, a little messy and will go and do something fun at the drop of a hat--gotta love that! Judy is always looking for fun, does good deeds that no one knows about, and has been known to drive 2 hours to get a good seafood meal--gotta love that! Denise is always laughing, she sews everything and has been known to have needle and thread in her hand during ladies classes etc. She loves to sing and knows every song written from the 70's on and will sing them for you--gotta love that! Sarah writes --she is a writer and lover of words, very talented and very passionate--gotta love that! Tammy loves God more than anything, she lifts me up to higher places and grows me spiritually--gotta love that! Marsha is a hostess, she has people drop in on her all the time for counsel, meals etc--gotta love that! Traci always has time for anyone, she is a school administrator who is actually fun and attends every shower and event at church with a smile on her face--gotta love that! Jana is so artistic, she designs cards, decorates beautifully and always has an encouraging word for you--gotta love that! These are just a few of my special friends. As you can see I have been blessed to know and call these ladies friends. I love you all!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I love Spring. The coolness in the morning air, the green buds on the trees, flowers beginning to bloom--it is just a wonderful season. The first year we lived in Abilene, I bought a hanging pot of flowers to hang on our back porch. Within a few weeks a family of birds had moved into the pot and built and nest. We would have to pull the pot down every day or so to water carefully around the nest. In a few weeks there were baby birds chirping in the nest and we would enjoy watching the mother bird feed her babies. Before we knew it the baby birds were gone-off on their own. The next year, I bought another plant to hang on the porch. Within a few weeks there was another nest! So we went through the whole process again. This year I went out and bought my new hanging plant at Walmart and Phil hung it outside. I promise you, within 5 minutes of hanging that plant, a bird was flying into it with twigs to make a nest. It is soo cool! I wonder if they are the same birds or if the offspring of the original birds came back or what. We are now on our third generation of baby birds. It reminds me of one of my favorite Andy Griffith episodes (I have all the seasons on DVD-my favorite show of all time) The one where Opie has accidently killed the mama bird so he takes care of the baby birds. Then he has to let them go--He tells Andy- Gee, the cage looks awful empty-and Andy tells him, "Yes, but don't the trees look nice and full." That's how we feel when our little baby birds are gone. The plant seems very empty, but our little straggling, Abilene trees look nice and full.