Monday, April 30, 2007


We had an incredible day yesterday at church. Our congregation has a WATS day once a year. WATS stands for We Are The Sermon. 1000 people who love Jesus went out into the neighborhoods and helped paint houses, mow yards, haul trash, build wheelchair ramps--anything that needed to be done for people who needed help in our town. We start in the morning with a shorter worship service all wearing our workclothes (which is so fun) and then we go out into the town in groups to work. After the work is done, we come back for a worship celebration time. It was a wonderful day! One of the men in our group of workers was kidding around and said "I think it is just easier sitting on the pew listening to the sermon." Yes, it's true it is easier, but we were so blessed to help these people who needed to know that someone loved them and cared enough to help. Jesus calls us not to a life of ease, but to one of service. I hope we grow WATS day so that all the people in our town who need help are taken care of with the love of Jesus.

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