Friday, July 13, 2007


It has been a while since I have posted. Lots going on in the Warehouse these days. One thing you need to know about me is that I sweat. Yes, not perspire, but sweat. By the buckets. It is not very feminine and I only share this with you because after last night I am sure most of Abilene knows that I sweat. We have had unusually humid weather here in Abilene. My body does not like humidity. It pretty much goes into melt mode with the slightest humidity factor. I remember as a child being sweaty and my mother tellling me not to sweat so much. Hmmmm...I have tried. I put on face powder which helps my face look dry for about...30 seconds before the sweat seeps through. I do use a good deoderant-Dry Idea. The name indicates that I should stay dry. Not always so. What's a sweaty girl to do!
On to my most embarrassing event since I have been in Abilene. (believe me, I have had more than one) We are doing a garage sale for one of my good friends whose son has a brain tumor. We are raising funds for their travel expenses etc. So, like the good friend I am, I went up last night to help price and sort. (I am not good at pricing and sorting-- I just like to put 25 cent stickers on everything--I've always liked a good buy) Anyway, I was wearing brown capris and an orange t-shirt. Seemed like a safe choice for a sweat prone girl. I worked my little heart out in the non-air conditioned gym for 2 hours. I saw just about everyone from church and they saw me. It's a good thing for a preacher's wife to be seen doing good. I noticed people looking at me and smiling, and of course, I assumed they were thinking-wow, what a hard worker. Nope! They were smiling because as I discovered when I got home, my pants were soaked from the waistband in the back to the waistband in the front. Yep, it looked like I had a big accident on the way to the bathroom. You would think that sweat would not show through on brown capris, well let me tell you, it does--big time. What made it worse, was my shirt didn't really look that sweaty, unless you looked at the pit rings. So I am sure everyone thought I had wet my pants and just didn't notice that I was dripping with pee-pee. So.....I am humbled once again. I will never wear those brown capris again on a humid day and if any of you are sweat prone like me, you better not either.