Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dad's birthday and summer musings

Hello everyone,
Let me introduce myself. It has been since September since you last heard from me on my blog. I don't have any excuses except when you are teaching you are too exhausted to have a full coherent thought in your head. I had good intentions and maybe this year I will do better. (don't mention that it is almost August and I have not written until now)

We had dad's surprise 75th birthday bash last night at our house. We had a cowboy theme, complete with cowboy hat, sheriff vest, and badge for my dad to wear. You may be thinking, hmmm he is 75 years old. Would he want to wear a cowboy hat, vest and badge? Of course he would! He dressed in the get-up for the whole evening and was just precious. I believe this is the first birthday party he ever had, so since he missed out as a child, my sister and I thought it would be a good time to have a surprise themed party for him. We had about 23 of his friends and family here and everyone was so sweet. It was a fun night and I will try to post pictures later on. The crowd was mostly in their "older" years and I asked my daughter if she thought the party was a success. She said "Well, no one broke a hip, so I think it was successful." She has a wry sense of humor, that sweet child of mine.

Summer has been glorious!!! Phil, Megan and I went on a Alaskan cruise in June. So fun! If you want to see pictures from our trip, go to Megan's blog at By the way, the pk in her blog title stands for preacher's kid in case you didn't know. We had a great time together--all in one little room the size of a small closet, but it was a special time together.

I spent most of July cleaning out closets, cabinets etc. Phil said he thought I might be pregnant because I had that nesting fever. No pregnancy--just wanting to get things straight before the new school year rolls around.

Phil and I are preparing to travel to Salado where he is speaking next week. They ask him every summer and we love going there. They always put us up in a great Bed and Breakfast and we always buy one extra night because we love it there.

The Coffee Group had a wonderful year. We met so many wonderful women in our travels. We have updated our website and blog and hope you will visit. Our site is and our blog is We are beginning to hear from churches who may want us to come speak at their retreats and we are always excited to go meet new friends!

See you next time!

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Sarah said...

Oh my stars! She lives! She writes! She travels! She cleans out cabinets! She partys! You, sweet Donna, are a wonder.

P.S. -- for all blog addresses, it's '.blogspot', not '@blogspot' in case anyone tried those. Babysteps, Donna...