Monday, July 28, 2008

A Trip to Salado

Phil and I are off tomorrow to one of our favorite places in Texas. Salado! We stay at the best bed and breakfast ever-The Inn on the Creek. We have been for the last three summers and have enjoyed our stay each time. The manager is a precious lady who makes an incredible breakfast, but also will just come up to you as you sit out on the porch rocking away the day and say "You look hot, I just made some raspberry sherbert. Let me bring you some." Well who am I to turn down homemade sherbet. Yummy and refreshing!

Last year we had friends come from Austin to hear Phil preach and they came over to the Inn after church. As we were visiting on the porch rocking away and remembering old times, here comes the sweet manager again and she says, "I am going to bring you all some homemade creme brulee." Well who are we to turn down creme brulee? Yummy again!

As you can see alot of our love of this place revolves around rocking chairs, porches and yummy food. The perfect combination for a two day getaway with your hubby.

I am still working on the pictures of my dad's birthday. Will post as soon as I figure out how to do that on this blog. I will also try to come up with some pictures of the Inn on the Creek, just in case you are ever in Salado and hankering for some homemade creme brulee.

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