Saturday, September 1, 2007

My friends are the best!

I have finished my first week of school with the students. It has been fast and furious. I only had time for lunch one day and ate my slim fast bar the other days while working at my desk. Whew! I am a wee bit tired. However, I had a wonderful surprise on Friday. Let me back up here: Last Wednesday night I learned that "my coffee group girls" had gone out for coffee the first morning of school like we have done for the last three years. I am usually with them drinking coffee, laughing, talking.... you get the gist. When I found out they went and I hadn't known because I was at school, I kinda had a little pity party for myself. Well maybe it was a big pity party, but I love coffee and I love my coffee group and I love laughing and talking, so I was pretty blue. Then on Friday moring I heard this familar voice yelling down my hallway at school, "Where is Donna Ware's room?" As I looked up there stood four of my coffee buddies with a to-go cup of Cafe Mocha just for me! They drove all the way to Clyde to see me in my new school! I was so excited and so happy to see them. We got to visit, laugh, talk, drink coffee and even though it wasn't at Tuscany's or Starbucks, I felt right at home because they were there with me. It is really true, wherever your friends and family are-that is home. Thanks sweet precious friends. You made my day, my week and my year. I love you all and will miss our morning coffee times, but I am thinking it can be dessert and de-caf at my house soon!


Tammy M. said...

Donna - I am so glad that you were blessed. I wanted to come along, but would have had to cancel much needed chiropractor appt. to be there. I would have loved to hear Denise's voice as she was searching for your office. You are a sweet friend and you are truly missed, but just because weekday coffee's wont work out there are plenty of other opportunities. We just need to form a plan. Decaf and dessert at your house sounds yummy.

Anne Jones said...

You are a blessed girl to have some great friends!

Sarah said...

Girls -- my lunch is 11:38 and a LARGE Diet Coke from Sonic would be just great, thank you for asking! :-)

Donna, I'm so glad you had a special surprise. I'm sorry I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Donna- It's a blessing to have friends who care about you. I could just hear Denise's voice in the hall!! :) I missed you today, but assume you came to late service. I really have missed you.
Maybe it will not be long before I
see you again. I hope you will have a happy and blessed week. Thank you, Donna, for being YOU!
I Love You! Donna Altman

Denise W said...

Let me just state - I did not yell! That school was way too quiet to have yelled! Not to mention, the secretary already had her eye on us!

When's dessert? Did I miss an email?