Saturday, August 25, 2007

The bracelet of complaints

In my last posting I mentioned that I needed a bracelet from Sarah to cut up into little pieces. I realize that all of you out there might not know what I am talking about. My friend Sarah has a principal who gave them little rubber bracelets to wear. It is to keep them from complaining. Uh, I don't think a bracelet will keep me from complaining, but hey, I am just repeating what she told me. Anyway, the way it is supposed to go is that every time you complain you have to move your bracelet to the other arm. It reminds you not to complain. post had a little complaining in it....all justified of course.....but I realized that I might just have to cut my bracelet up into many little pieces because I just don't have time to move my bracelet back and forth for the thousands of times I have complained over the last two days. I now repent......except for my daughter was supposed to move into her brand new apartment today. Let's just say it didn't happen because of no air conditioning, no working appliances, no furniture, red dirt everywhere, a lovely hole in her ceiling and white paint that needed patching, so of course they used pink to cover up their mistakes. It is just lovely, let me tell you. But as I have repented from complaining I will not say another word....until Monday after the first day of school. See you all then!


Sarah said...

Get your bracelets here!!! Donna,
as you know , you wouldn't be the first teacher to cut hers up into pieces! So, if nothing else, the bracelets are a great source of entertainment!

Denise W said...

There aren't enough hours in the day to keep moving the bracelet!