Friday, August 24, 2007

T I R E D!!!

Okay, I have been back to work now for 18 days. Yes 18 days. My contract calls for me to work 10 extra days, plus 3 days for "comp" time and then the regular 5 days of staff development and work days. Thus 18 days. Did I tell you that my cute toenails are now surrounded by puffy, swollen feet. Did I tell you that my eyes are feeling like red sandpaper (red for the color of my eyes), Did I tell you that my back hurts in a new spot and Megan is giving her Dad a back rub right now and I am sitting here with the "achy and I am feeling sorry for myself back"? Let me whine a little here--I want a back rub, can't anyone see that I need a back rub? My hubby took my massage appointment on Thursday because I had to go to Meet the Teacher night and now he is getting another back rub. Is life fair?? No my friends, it is not.

This was my schedule --let me back up to last Friday. Precious friends-yes they are precious because if anyone else had asked to come stay with me for the weekend before I went back to work I would have said "Are you nuts?". Anyway, friends came in and stayed with us through Monday dropping off their daughter at ACU. As they were literally leaving our garage, our second guest arrived, my daughter's roommate who needed a place to stay for the week. Okay, my smile is still pasted on. As she was settling into our guest room, the phone is ringing with my mother in law and guess what? Their house is being exterminated on Tuesday and can they come and stay the day and spend the night because they don't want to be gassed by the fumes. My smile is kind of fakey now.

So, I go to work Monday and get to go into a cafeteria of about 100 teachers of whom I know two and they are no where to be seen. Remember jr high days when you would rather not eat than sit by yourself. You feel like everyone is looking at you and no one, yes, no one wants you at their table. Yep! That's me. After asking several tables if I could sit with them, I finally found a high school teacher who had pity on me and let me sit there. I wanted to call her the Good Samaritan, but didn't know how she would take that and I really wasn't beat up or anything. My confidence was just dragging the ground.

After a wonderful day of sitting on cafeteria stools (little round ones that don't fit anyone's bottom unless you are two years old), I got to go to the staff BBQ. (This actually turned out to be nice, but I was missing my Bunko night and I didn't get TP'd) (I'll tell you about TP later) So now we are at Tuesday (remember in laws coming) so I scurry around picking up the biggest pieces of dirt and mess in the house and leave to go off to another fun filled staff development day sitting on cafeteria stools. Have I mentioned how I love those stools. After a few hours my bottom was lets say, not so happy with me. Numb is the word and I didn't look very graceful as I hobbled off after such a wonderful day.

After school I go home and we take the in laws out to a fancy restaurant called Rosa's. Cheap taco night--saw a good friend and that made it fun. We are up to Wednesday now--another staff development day but at least we were at our school on our own cafeteria stools. I think they were made by the same person who must have had a bad teacher somewhere in his/her life and who get sadistic joy of 100 teachers sitting on these stools.

Now we are up to Thursday, a work day where we get to work in our rooms. Have you ever seen those commercials where everything is at warp speed--that was the staff because that night we had "Meet the Teacher" night. Yep, after a fun filled week of listening to "staff development" where all we developed was a numb rear and red eyes and swollen feet, we got to meet our students. All in all it has been a great week. Just thought you should know. And Sarah, I need a bracelet to cut up in a million pieces.


Tammy M. said...

Well we certainly missed you at bunko. I know that feeling where you don't know anyone around you, but before you know it they will know just how wonderful you are and will be hoping that you will sit with them. You are a blessed gift from God.

Denise W said...

We so missed yall last night! Just think August is almost over and there aren't any lunchroom stools in your future!