Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two weeks in and counting

I have finished my first two weeks back at school. Only 178 more school days to freedom--summer! I know that is sad wishing my life away, but boy, I miss my freedom!

Things went well at school except for "NO AIR CONDITIONING" in my little room and "THE COMPUTER FROM THE STONE AGE."

Yes, as I was putting loads of books onto my little cart, I was sweating through my shirt and capris--remember an earlier blog-I am something of an Olympian Gold medalist in the sweating category. There are a lot of physical elements to my job the first two weeks and my thermostat was set at 100 degrees and could not be moved. Finally, a maintenance man came out yesterday (Kevin--I read name tags now and try to be Jesus by calling all people by their name) "So, Kevin, what is going on with my air conditioner?" Kevin responds, "Well, it looks like your thermostat was set at central office to come on at night and not the day"
( if you are in the world of education, you know this makes perfect sense to the powers that be). "So, Kevin how are we going to fix this little problem." Kevin says "Well, I will check at central office and see if they will let me change it to come on in the day while you are here." "Well, thank you very much Kevin, that would be so awesome to have air conditioning when I am actually here!" I said that last part in a very Jesus like way. I pasted a smile on my sweaty face because it really is not Kevin's fault that I am melting at work. I think I kind of grossed him out because as you know, I was sweating profusely and he had not one bead of sweat on his face or uniform. I bet he gets day air conditioning in the maintenance department. Lucky Kevin.

Now I can only hope that central office will change their position on air conditioning. Maybe Kevin will help them see the value of having air conditioning during the day instead of at night. Stay tuned. You never know how these educational decisions will turn out.

Tomorrow I will write about my computer. This whole air conditioning blog has made me sweat. I need a shower. Til' tommorw..


Sarah said...

Think of all the things your district could be spending that money on -- the money they have spent to keep your office a comfortable 72* all night long. They may have even been able to buy you a new computer...

Tammy M. said...

Bless you. Air Conditioning or the lack there of is a bad word at your house I am sure. I wonder if Kevin will put his foot through the roof of your office, then it would more complete the story.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You've had enough
problems with air conditioning! I probably would have passed out from
my sweat, seriously. Glad you posted. Have lots to share with you,when I can with out crying. I will till you that I'm still sick with bronchulitius I had in July.
Now on strong antibotic for 10 days, twice a day, along with lots of cough medicine (different kind)
and inhaler. Please pray. My birthday is next Sunday, Sept. 14th
Hope I feel some better by then. I've felt bad since July. I want to feel GOOD. Praying for you, too, Donna. Love you, The Short Donna

not-so-deep Denise said...

Oy. I can't believe no air. Dare I say that I'm sure the air was on at the central office......

My parents air went out on Saturday - they have to wait until Monday to get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Some things never change! Thanks for allowing me insight into your life. I miss you dearly and our chats! A.