Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Days of Romance

Remember when you were first dating your beloved and he would write you poetry, bring flowers, and whisper sweet words to you. I have a wonderful marriage and my husband has done a great job of keeping up in the romance department. However, nothing could have prepared me for the beautiful picture he sent of himself this morning. I was swooning at the sight of my precious husband and the incredibly romantic scene he chose to send me. He is out of town and it will be evident when you view the picture, what he has been up to. I have to say-romance is not dead, the pig may be, but not the romance.


Brandi said...

So Romantic!

Pop over to my blog. I have some pictures of live animals!!!

Phil said...

Okay, so I drop that evil feral hog in its tracks. While that may not be romantic, take a look at at this:

Love you.


Susan said...

Eeba Geeba! You say Phil never hunted before moving to Abilene? That's quite the catch there!

Are you eating ham for dinner?