Friday, March 23, 2007

Dad and me

Wow! I am so excited. Three people actually came to my blog. Of course, they are my best friends, so they really have to, but still three people!

Phil and I lived away from my parents most of our married life. They lived far away-Florida and us in Texas. You know when you are growing up you really don't know your parents. They are just your parents, not real people. When my parents moved to Abilene two years ago I wasn't sure how it would be. I mean-would they still tell me how to dress, who my friends could be, etc? However, I have found it to be a real blessing. They have made a new home for themselves, their own friends, and they let me wear whatever I want!
My dad and I have been doing Meals on Wheels together for about a month now. It has been such fun to be with my dad-grown-up to grown-up. We visit, take turns taking the meals to the door, discuss politics (although he and I are pretty much opposite ends of that subject so I steer away from it as much as possible) and then after our rounds we go get Ice-cream at Coldstone. This is our new tradition. (I know it is not on my diet, but that is all I eat that day for lunch--man, guilt can even get to you on a blog!) Anyway, we take turns paying and sit at the same little table and continue our conversation. It has been such a blessing to know my Dad this way. He loves taking the meals and has concern for the people we visit. Who knew you could be friends with your parents? Way cool!


Tammy M. said...

That is very cool! I am so glad you and your dad are serving the Lord and the people of Abilene together. And I think that Coldstone is the best place to be with your dad after your deliveries, Father, daughter, and some yummy ice cream, you just can not beat that!

Sarah said...

And I, personally, think that ColdStone is a GREAT spot for lunch! It's dairy, right?

What a precious time for you! How fun!

Denise W said...

That's a wonderful way to spend a little time together. It's nice to that they don't try to tell you what to wear.

Will we have food mentioned in every blog entry? Just wondering....